How to save input data in database om closing browser
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Hi Team,

I want to auto-save input data in database on closing browser

Hey Pallavi,

You'll probably need to use JavaScript to detect that the browser is closing and call an action there, using the $actions predefined object.

Here's a forum thread that may help you:

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it:


Add  below code on your url open button and try this 

var win =$parameters.RedirectionLink,"_blank");

var timer = setInterval(function(){if(win.closed){  


    setTimeout(function CallYourFunction() {

        $actions.CloseAndSaveData() // this is the client action 

    }, 2000);


Hi Pallavi,

Add below JavaScript on onReady event of you screen.

window.addEventListener("beforeunload", function(event){



you can write save data logic in "Saveinputdata" action.

Hope this helps.


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