Issue with dropdown

Hello All,
i just want to ask..
How can my dropdown become one line with the item, and also for the down arrow, why it going too far and not inside the box..
Thankyou guys!
Best Regards,

Below is the attachment for the screenshot of mine dropdown.

Hi @Bhetrand Dwilangga ,

You'll need to work with the container's width. So, if you have a container around item + dropdown, their width needs to sum 12 col.

Regarding the arrow, you're probably not changing the width of the entire widget, and just the input. You'll need to work with the width, or enclose the widget in a container and work with its width.

Hope this helps

I will try for it, thanks for answering me!
I really appreciated it !

Hi Bhetrand,

It seems you are using some CSS which you need to review. If yes you can open developer tool of your browser (F12) and inspect arrow and see what CSS applied to it and same for input of dropdown list.

Actually i dont use any CSS,
anyway thankyou for answering me :D

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