Outsystems Professional Web Developer Coverage: SQL Queries

Hi everyone,

I'm preparing to take the Professional Traditional Web Developer (OutSystems 11) certification. I'm going through the documentation and I noticed that there are links to other documentations within the documentation that is suggested in the Certification Detail sheet. I'm concerned if I should review those links as well.

I was reviewing this page as recommended in the Certification Detail Sheet:


And at the bottom of the page, there's this link (encircled in the image)

This link leads to here:

Building Dynamic SQL Statements the Right Way - OutSystems Best Practices 

Now, I am wondering if I should review this as well. I am asking because at first glace, the topic looks a bit complicated and I wouldn't want to spend time trying to understand every aspect this link only to find out it won't be covered in the exam itself.

In the exam detail sheet, the above (Building Dynamic SQL Statements the Right Way - OutSystems Best Practices ) isn't mentioned specifically. Only Documentation: Best Practices and  Documentation: SQL Queries are mentioned.

I look forward to what you guys think and I appreciate your answers.



Hi Reynald,

The links provided in the exam details are there for a reason. You should read it all as preparation for your exam. And I would suggest to read any other document linked to a documents mentioned in the exam details.



I agree with @Daniël Kuhlmann that we should skim all the content before taking the exam
But if it is quite difficult for you, you should focus more on the other topics, and guarantee that you should choose the correct answers.
Try to get 70%


Thanks and best regards,

Got it. Thank you @Daniël Kuhlmann, Shingo Lam!

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