Runtime list refresh and append with new records
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Im new to OutSystems and looking for the solution to my problem. So I'm currently working on an application which shows a list to the user. Im trying to make the list show new records, if they happen to be created in the database (by saying show i mean to add the new records at the top of the table, without deleting the last one (should I make MaxRecords parameter dynamic?)). Finally, I would like to make these new records animated in a way, that if a new record occurs in a database, it "slides" from the left, and shows at the top of the list. Is it even possible, and if positive, can i get any tips on how to achieve this effect?

I hope you have created aggregate to bind list of record to table using descending order by Id.
what you have to do is simple drag and drop your aggregate on create button action at bottom on successful response.

You can use pagination instead of increasing MaxRecord value

And rest part about animation, the idea is you can highlight first row of table using css.




table tr td, th{

    border:1px solid #ccc;



table tr:nth-child(indexofrow) {  

    background: #f1f1f1;


Hope you will understand!.


I use a Data Action to fetch data from the database. I included the timer in JS which refreshes the data every 5 seconds. Now im trying to make it independent from time, and dependent on if there are new records in the database. Im using a list, not a table btw. Is there any possibility to make a list row animation when it pops up on the screen?

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