how to pass list of list in body api

Hi, I am trying to append values to google sheets via api. 

this request works when I test it here but when i use the action in my flow it does not work for some reason.

the structure of the request is a list of a text list strucure in other words list of lists.(list of valueitem3)

Should i send it as json? Is the structure correct? 

the response is an empty response structure and not even an error.

Thank you very much!

Hi Roy mainfeld,

You need to convert all of your input parameters to string and just pass one parameter as text type.


Saksham Srivastava

Hi. In your request structure ValueItem. Could you check if Name in JSON is set to 


and also if the top level attribute has Name in JSON set to lowercase values.


Hi friend,

I am so sorry, I don't really get the main issue you mentioned. In my understanding, for post method, you should pass the input parameters in the body, not in url like this

Thanks and best regards,


Hi roy mainfeld,

You can definitely pass list within list in JSON. What you have developed do one thing try to test in tool like postman in this way you can debug your problem and you can fix it.


Shashikant Shukla

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