Save and fetch the data stored in a list

Hello everyone,

I have designed a form where certain set of data is fixed for the user and certain set of data gets repeated. For eg,

In the below image, the user needs to enter Name, DOB and Designation only for once. But for the other set of data which contains the below input fields can be added multiple times.

{1. Department

2. No of employees

3. After Work -Name, Designation, Signature

4. Before Work -Name, Designation, Signature} 

To implement the above thing, I have created 4 tables to save the data i e.

1st table contains Name, DOB, Designation

2nd table contains Department, No of employees

3rd table contains After Work data and 4th table contains Before Work data since two binary fields cannot be added in a single table.

I have also used Structure and list of structure to show the list on clicking of Add button.

So, now I am having problem in fetching the data from the database and show it to the user when the page is first loaded i.e it should show all the sets of data that the user have entered. I am also having problem saving the data.

So, it will be really helpful if anyone could tell me as to what should be done to implement the above functionality correctly i.e save as well as fetch the data and show it to user from browser.

I am doing this in reactive module.

Thank you.


Hello Runisha,

You can achieve this by creating a Web block with a list of the information you need to "replicate" and an Add and a Submit button .

I created a very rough screen based on your drawing that should be enough to get you going on the right track.

With my Oml you can already replicate your information, all you need to do now is to save the information that the user inputs and change the database to fit your application. 

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário


Hello Paulo,

Thank you so much for your help. I have looked into the oml that you have attached here, but on clicking of the add button the same set of data is getting added and if we change anything on the second set of data, the first set of data is also getting changed. Can you suggest me how to solve this issue. 

And is it possible to show the list when the page first loads so that the user could know what set of data will get added on clicking of "Add Button".

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