how to check and compare start and end date, using Input_FocusFirstInvalid?

hello, I'm here as always with more questions.

on my screen I have a field called DataInicial h increased to a start date, and this same screen I have another field that is increasing aendDate the end date of an action, put the start date this can be increased with a date greater than end date therefore no oneperson can perform an action starting after the end of the action.agree?

wanted to know if there is a validation function of this action citedabove. a function to compare dates and not leave the User Aximaenter a start date of the final and the final or below the initial. apoisverification and display an alert indicating the action illegal.

Once again, thank you!

Adilson Bastista
Hello Adilson,

In order to use the Input_FocusFirstInvalid, first you need to set the valid property of the Input.

Please see the example attached.

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Nuno Cavalheira Antunes
Nuno, you sent me an OML'm using version 5.0.x to version 6.0.x agilePlataform. I am not able to open ...