Passing long integers to Client Actions from inside a JS node
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I'm trying to call a client action from within a JavaScript Node, like so:

The input type for the JS Node parameter is a Long Integer, and the client action I'm calling has an Entity Identifier input (the Entity's ID is also of type Long Integer, and I'm passing an Entity ID to the JS Node). But my browser is throwing this error:

I guess this is because the value is small enough to pass as a regular Integer? But as far as I'm aware, OutSystems automatically does that conversion and doesn't flag Integer values passed to Long Integer parameters as erroneous.

Is there a way to get this to work without restructuring my client action to take regular Integers and having to convert them to Identifiers?

Hi Daniel,

Did you tried using the action IdentifierToLongInteger() when passing your value to the JS node?

Hello Pedro and Rahul.

Yes, I've tried using both the IdentifierToLongInteger() and IdentifierToInteger() functions, to no success.

Tracing the error logs, it doesn't seem like there's any error passing the value into the JS Node. It's when the JS Node tries to call a Client Action and pass it the long integer that the error occurs.



You can use 


Built in function to convert Entity identifier into integer in your Javascript flow before passing it to JS. 


Hi Daniel

Is the issue resolve? How you resolved it as I am facing the same issue

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