Is it possible to use LESS or SASS in the Agile Platform?
Hi Britni,

At the moment there's no support for LESS, SASS, or other CSS generating languages although we've been doing internally some experiments with LESS parsers, so there's a chance that native support might be added to the product in a near future.

However, if you have a huge amount of CSS you need to manage and using a tool like LESS would  turn into an advantage, you can still do it. Here's my suggested setup to perform such a task (which I've already used in some projects):
  1. Setup a folder where you'll use your source file and destination CSS file (eg: style.less and style.css)
  2. Open both files in an editor capable of recognizing when an open file changed so it refreshes its view automatically. For this effect you can use something from a lightweight notepad++ to a heavyweight visual studio.
  3. Run your favourite less compiler in watch mode so whenever you save style.less, style.css will be automatically updated. This way you save style.less in one of the editor's windows/tabs and the generated CSS should become immediately available in the other.
  4. You can then copy-paste the generated CSS into Service Studio's stylesheets
If you run this setup in a windows machine, I'd suggest using dotnetless instead of the original less (in ruby) since the .NET port runs way faster and seems to be more resistent to crashes.

Also if you end up editing your CSS (and your LESS) file a lot, a batch file for streamlining the first 3 steps can become a valuable asset. I use the following for editing the files with GVIM, but I'm sure you can adapt it to use any other editor:
start /b lessc style.less --watch
gvim style.less -c ":new style.css"