Share session between Native Mobile and Reactive Web applications
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive
Service Studio Version
11.53.3 (Build 60614)
Platform Version
11.16.0 (Build 35766)

I created 2 stand-alone apps on the same environment - 1 native mobile and 1 reactive web. The native mobile opens the reactive web app using the InAppBrowser forge component. What is the best way to bypass the reactive web app's login screen?

Right now, I created a "redirection" screen on the reactive web app that accepts the encrypted credentials via the URL. This also means that the encrypted username/password is saved on the mobile apps client variables which is not good on a security standpoint.


Hi Aeron Joseph Santos,

When you are sure that the user is logged in the mobile app, at the time of opening the Reactive page, instead of logging in the User using Login with Username and Password,
Use the Other Login Action Which accepts just UserId as Input.

now you only need to Encrypt the UserId and send it to the Redirection Page(Reactive) ,where you do the login and redirect to needed screen.

There is no Security stand point even if the UserId gets Exposed.

Hope this Helps,
Varada Rajan

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