[BulkInsert] BulkInsert : Specified cast is not valid
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I followed full to use BulkInsert but i get this error.

Can show me how to fix it?

Hi Nghiem,

Have you checked Service Center to see if you can get more details about the error?

Sorry but i don't know what them say

Well, it says it goes wrong inserting into the Oracle database. So basically you provide data to bulk insert, but there's data with a different data type than the database thinks it should be, and the database can't cast it (e.g. when you have a Text attribute containing "A" and the database expects an integer, or something similar).

But i export from this table and then bulkinsert into a table which have same design( attribute and type)

There must still be an incompatability somewhere, as otherwise you wouldn't get this cast error.

That's a generic error. You need to check Service Center to see what caused it.

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