how to get each user to see their own data in a specific Entity.

 how to get each user to see their own data in a specific Entity.

Hello All....

Here's what i am looking to do:

A user logs in.
They are shown only the records that belong to i write query in preparation action because preparation action already have a query(GetRequestsById) 
SO i am unable to write condition in that query.....

Sound's simple, in .net but unable to do in Agile....

Any help would be much appreciated.


Israr A Khan
Hi Israr,

I'm not exactly sure of what you are trying to do nor how you store that a certain record belongs to a user, but assuming that the query has a param named RequesterId, and the entity you're querying has some sort of OwnerId attribute, I would say you just need to add to the query another condition like


(this assumes its a simple query... in advanced query just add a similar WHERE statement to the SQL)



i create a screen where employee can send request to their Line Manager,every 5 employee have 1 Line Manager,so I want when a line manager get login then he can't see all requests but only his own...employee select the line manager to whom he is sending request....
but when line manager get login the page shows all request....i want to get his user name from session and match with the attribute,
so where i write query,bcz in that page preparation action i am unable to change query,should i use advance query....?or some thing else....

Regards Israr........
Hi Israr,
Maybe is better you to show some images or upload a sample OML with the data base structure.
but needs to be something like Miguel said.

You need to have a way to know the user that the manager line is responsible of.. you only need to show the requests of those users.

Carlos Rocha