Theme and Menu - keeping a consistant UI.

Theme and Menu - keeping a consistant UI.

Use case scenario: 
There are multiple eSpace application that use a common eSpace module, for this example let common eSpace be "Account".

AppM, AppN, are independant eSpaces applications, they have their own theme, set of menu etc where as Account is a shared module, however it does not belong to(is not a consumer of) AppM or AppN.

AppM, AppN redirects the user to "http://localhost/Account/Profile_Edit.aspx" to edit the user's profile, a series of web screen flow are required i.e Input screen(1), Review/Confirm screen(2), Status screen(3)

Upon redirection the menu options and theme would change since Account is created as a seperate eSpace.

Rather than changing the theme/menu set, is there a way to keep the theme/menu set the same, so that when the user clicks on a menu option from AppN to open any page from the Account eSpace, AppN menu and theme is used to keep the UI consistant. When AppM open any page from the Account eSpace AppM theme is used.

-Detect referral links, where is the link coming from? change menu in Account eSpace according to the refferal link information. 
-Convert Account web screens into web blocks then consume them in AppM, AppN (this is not possible since there are many related screen flows needed to perform a function.
-Create a theme eSpace and have all application consume a common theme, and set theme switcher information in session to determine theme.
-Use iframe (not a fan of iframes)

Any other way to do this?
my 2 cents:

The other way is simple, change the use-case scenario.

you have 2 seemingly seperate apps but yet a common user-profile.
so imho, they are within the same corporation, so you should use the same theme.
unless you make a difference with intranet/internet applications, but then only "outsiders" should see the internet them, and insiders the intranet theme.

Hi Joost

Thanks for the response.

The applications are actually using the same theme style, however the menu options are different for various applications example, AppM has its own set of menu options, and AppN has its own set of menu options.

When the user nagivates from /AppM to /Account, the entire set of menu is different, therefore this would make the UI inconsistent. 

Having a dedicated/single theme eSpace might just be the best options here! unless there is a better solution.
(All menu options for all applications would then be configured under this 1 theme eSpace.) 

EDIT: spelling
depends, if it's only 1 page, I might consider a popup....

btw it's JooST not JooP.
Sorry about that Joost, corrected. :)

There are many pages, some actions would require at least 3 pages: user input, review/confirm, status.