Lifeitme Team/Role Management

Hi Team,

I am implementing Team/role by lifetime and facing issues. sharing scenario,

1. Added 2 new roles - Application Lead(Change & Deploy, Create application and add system dependencies) and Application Developer(Only change & deploy)

2. Added the new team with 2 members with the above roles.

3. log in as application lead, created a new application for the team

4. log in as an application developer - for testing just added a new module and want to publish and getting dependencies errors for systems modules like OutSystems UI, Users, etc. 

5. To fix step 4 problem - log in as application lead and want to provide access to those modules for the team but not able to do that and getting permission issue. is this expected? or only the admin role can provide those access to system modules. because I have tried through admin and was able to fix the step 4 issue.

If anyone has done it practically please share the steps for proper implementation.

Expectation - The developer role can only change the application that is part of the team. 



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