how to create nested loops

Hello all,

Good day..
I have an issue with nested loop on outsystems..

I already tried to search and read OutSystems forums related to nested loops, but yeah I still don't get it.
Can anybody here share the simplest one that uses nested loops?

Something like this if in c++ : 
for (int i = 1; i <= weeks; ++i) 
      cout << "Week: " << i << endl;
      for (int j = 1; j <= days_in_week; ++j)

          cout << " Day:" << j << endl;

Really need it for further purposes about nested loops..

This kind of For loops in OutSystems is achieved with the help of Ad-hoc loops.

To create Ad-hoc loops follow the below steps:

  1. Use the If to evaluate a loop condition
  • Follow a cyclic branch when condition is true
  • Exit loop when condition is false

      2. In the cyclic branch

  • The branch must return to the If to continue the loop
  • The branch can create other conditional / alternative branches


Hello Mayank,
thanks for the respond, if you're not mind, can you help me for take picture(screenshot of that ad-hoc) or maybe oml with that Ad-hoc loops?
anyway, thankyou very much

oh okay, i understand about that now,

if you do not mind, can i ask a question?

So currently i have this list,
and i want to loop them
example :

1 with 2, then 1 with 3
after that, 2 with 3

is it possible?or do you have any idea?
Thanks by the way, i really-really appreciate it!

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