need to pass id

Hi Everyone,

need to pass parametre such that the data is only displayed corresponding to the id 

example- medical records display corresponding to only one particular id in the table .

For now all the records are getting displayed irrespective of their id.

Can someone please help.

The solution which i think can be deployed is having an input parametre in review on click button and querying it with the claim id to make sure the data of that particular id is only shown when clicked on the review button 

Hello Saif,

You can accomplish this by adding an input variable on the screen that you use to display the information and using that variable as a filter in the aggregate where you retrieve the information.

You can read more about Navigating to a Detail screen in this post.

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário

Hello Saif Sheikh,

You can simply add input parameter on screen and filter your aggregate or Dataction on basis of input parameter

Here I m attaching sample oml it will help you for your query.

Hope this will resolve your problem




Hello @saif sheikh : You can add the input parameter for the screen and add filter for the aggregate as:

Hope this helps!

Thank You,

Preetam Vaidya

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