How to link an SQL-query to a dropdown widget?

I have a school project where I need to add players using a form. In the form I need to have a "position" field with which I can choose an option from a dropdown menu. I am asked to:

  • create new data structure and store player positions in the new structure
  • use SQL-query to get the list of all possible player positions and display the contents of the list in position drop-down list

I created  a query but I still didn't figure out how to "link it" to the dropdown menu. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hello Basil, 

You are missing a few steps to be able to select from your list. 

First, you have to assign the Out value of your action to the result of your SQL:

Then you can use that Out parameter as a source on your drop-down :

I will attach an oml with a solution so you can take a look.

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário


It worked thanks alot!!

I need to create "Position" data structure that is in place of "Options" in your solution. The "Position" is a column in a table and not a table itself. Also I noticed that when I add a new player the position field in the database table is empty maybe null? Any idea how I can fix it.  I attached a copy of my project. If you have time can you take a look at it? Again I appreciate your help.


Hi Basil,

Here's your module with the necessary changes. An overview of what I've done:

  1. Created new "Position" entity. I've created it as a static entity, but if you need to allow users to manage the positions themselves, you need to create it as a regular entity and then create the UI to manage it.
  2. Changed the data type of the Player.Position attribute from "Text" to "Position Identifier". That is, a reference to the new entity created above.
  3. Replaced the "GettingPositions" data action in the "AddPlayer" screen with a simple aggregate to fetch the records.
  4. Changed the dropdown's properties in the "AddPlayer" screen to use the new aggregate.

Take a look at the module and let me know if you have any more questions.


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