[OutSystems UI] Locale for the today button in the datepicker
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For the new datepicker I would like to have the today button translated, same as the months/days etc.

Kind regards,

Daan van Hoeke

Hello Daan,

Using the action SetCurrentLocale to the language that you want the translation does not translate the datepicker options that you want ?

Best Regards

Nope, unfortunately not. Day and month names are translated but "today" isn't

Hi guys,

I verified that OutSystems UI has translations only for some languages, so even using locales correctly, you don't get translations.

I had asked OutSystems, and got as answer that they will implement the other locales in future versions.

The only alternative, for OutSystems UI components, is to clone the module and insert your own translations.

I hope the information is useful for you.


Hi Gianluca,

Unfortunately the Multilingual locales are not used for the datepicker. The translations for the datepicker are in the FlatpickrLocale script, but there is no translation present for the today button.

kind regards,


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