Filling form and Displaying Results/Confirmation Immediately


I'm looking to create an application that takes information in a form, then creates a confirmation page that displays only that form's results. I seem to be finding issues with this, as I can only figure out how to access individual information when going through a table of list records. 

I've attached my OML file to show the current logic I am using.

I find if I go through the user list, this is what the confirmation looks like (correct): 

However, when I submit the form, it is empty: 

Please advise. 


Check the OML :)

The error is that you need to pass the user info id created

And in the Confirmation Screen you need to filter by the UserInfoId created as well, the one you are passing on the destination to the screen Confirmation




Hi - quick follow up question is commented below :)

Hi - brief follow up! 

I'm looking to make my results printable in a PDF file. I had been using UltimatePDF, print to PDF function. I've been using the exact URL of UserInfoDetail as the function to print, but when I print it still shows all the fields as blank. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? 


Next time, create another question in the forum when the original is already solved :)

But what you can do is two things.

1- Debug, you can debug the screen you want to print and see the data you are getting on the screen.

2- Almost the same thing as the first one but what is missing is the user identifier to get the data you want to print.

Something Like this

Remeber, youa re doing a request to a screen and the screenn is awaiting  for inputs to filter the data you want to show on the screen.



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