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Hi there,

It seems the multiple CalculatedColumn with similar Header names are not calculating correctly. The value on the right column is overwriting the others. Hope I can use similar Headers for columns. Can I do it?

I'd like to show some CalculatedColumn on a single GridClientSide to show the different mutiplied values on each columns. Imagine Col1 shows a price without tax, Col2 shows TAX5%, Col3 shows TAX8%, Col4 -> TAX10%,,,, like the following. 

It seems simple with putting multiple CalculatedColumn with different values like followings...  But it's not working. Even these are using different Values(0.05, 0.08, 0.1) as the multiple parameter, these columns show the totally same values. See the above matrix, TAX5%,8%,10% are showing same values.

Here is a TAX5% parameters, [1] has 0.05.

Here is a TAX8% parameters, [1] has 0.08.

Then, once you change the Header to "TAX_AAA", it work correctly.

So probably CalculatedColumn is not allowing to use similar Headers on single grid. 

The current workaround is simply use different header names (like TAX One%, TAX Two%, TAX Ten%,,,), but it's not fine for the readability.  

Hello @Akira Hirose,

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I managed to reproduce the issue and found a possible workaround. 

On Grid's Initialize event, add the following JS snippet. I've attached a sample with the workaround.

Please bear in mind that we didn't make all the necessary tests to ensure that it will work on all cases.


Gabriel Lundgren


Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your quick answer. Will try it!

Best wishes,


Working perfectly,,, you saved us! Thanks so much.

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