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New Video: OutSystems Crash Course - How Does OutSystems Work?

Developer Advocate G. Andrew Duthie is back with the next installment in the Decoded: Crash Course series, "How Does OutSystems Work?" which provides a high-level overview of the platform for new users. 

Please enjoy and share, particularly with folks who are new to the platform! 

Great video for totally new to outsystem.

Thanks! Appreciate that. 

Good work, and great for the new members of the community

Good to have Complete review of Outsystems within 5 minute, new people must watch.

Good video for new members to OutSystems

Very Informative overview of Outsystems ! 

that's great. Thank you ,will share.

Great. Thanks for Share.

Very worth to view

nice ...!!! Good Job

Great video for totally new to OutSystems.

This video deserves more upvote. Good one.

Explained well about the Outsystems overview and looking for more crash courses in future.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing this information!

Great video . Good for Begineers.

My starter plan. Thank you!

very informative video..thanks for sharing!!

Informational. New joiners would get helped!

Great video

Very good review about each and very component of OutSystems.

Nice Work!

Thanks for sharing.

Amazing work!

Thanks for sharing.

Nice work.

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Thanks for Share 

Had a glance of it 

Its really great, best thing is even a layman can feel a relevance 

Nice work. 

Nice work!


Great..! Thanks for sharing. 

Nice informative video. 

Waiting for the crash course series. Thanks

Thanks for sharing.

Informational, great work team!

Great Thanks For Share

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Nice work! 

Nice work very helpful .

Very Informative ,and great for the new members of the community 

Good One!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Nice work! 

Great, thanks for sharing!!

Great Intro

Thanks for that :)

It's a great way to introduce beginners to the OS world.


Great video 

 Such a nice work 

thanks for sharing

Great Introduction


very good video, I'm starting and it was worth watching

Thanks for sharing!