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11.14.16 (Build 60354)

Hi All,

Is there other way to make the Date picker DateFormat property works other than setting the input type field to text?

The end-user wishes to make the date format to be DD-MM-YYYY

but somehow OS doesn't or can't override the settings of the browser or desktop settings.

What we see fix is change the format from Date to Text (I don't feel like doing this as it quite wrong since its a Date value yet we will change it to text)

did anyone tried or have another fix for the output display for an input widget

Here is the date picker settings

hello d cabral,

If you are using Input type date then it is not possible to give formatting as per your requirement as already mention in this screenshot

if you want dd/mm/yyyy then that field will be text only in this way you can achieve your requirement not with date input type 

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

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