Docusign unathentication error
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Hi All,

Im facing one issue regarding one forge component that is Docusign when im uploading one document and trying to sign that document im getting error like 401 unauthorized how to resolve this error please guide me on that


Akash Gunupudi.


Hello Akash,

As stated in the component documentation you need to call GenerateXDocuSignAuthenticationKey() which is a utility action used to create XDocuSignAuthenticationKey required in all other actions. It takes Username, Password, and IntegrationKey as input. For more information to fetch these details refer to this link.

Without that step, you won't be able to authenticate and use the API.

Hope it helps! 

Paulo Rosário



Paulo pointed you in the right direction, providing a link to the documentation that explains what your problem was. This forum is not meant to provide you with ready solutions, only to help you a step further with whatever problem you are having.

As Paulo wrote, you are trying to call a DocuSign action without providing the right authentication key. You first need to retrieve the authentication key using the GenerateXDocuSignAuthenticationKey action, as Paulo wrote.

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