How to on Pagination on Navigate excel list

How to on Pagination on Navigate excel list

Should I use List_Navigation_GetStartIndex or others?

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Hi @lalita thanyabunphinan,

Please check this explanation for Pagination/navigation. 

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Nitish Kumar

i create Reactive Web App Module, Can it be used.


Hi Lalita,

Reactive applications cannot use the ListNavigation widget. There's a Pagination UI pattern that you can use instead. Documentation on how to use it can be found here. The typical usage described is when the source comes from an Aggregate.

In your case, you would need to create a new list based on the original source but restricted to MaxRecords records, starting from StartIndex:

  • Define a page source local variable which will hold a page of data (as opposed to the original source of information that holds all data);
  • Configure your Table to use the page source instead of the original source;
  • On your OnNavigate handler, follow the instructions on the documentation, but instead of Refresh Data on the aggregate:
    • Use ListClear action on the page source to reset its contents;
    • Use the ForEach tool on the original source, configured with StartIndex and MaxRecords, and add the each record to the page source (using the ListAppend action).

I may have skipped some detail, but the overall idea is that instead of refreshing the aggregate (that you don't have), you should group the page records on the local variable that the Table uses.

Hope this helps

Thank you very much, Do you have a working example?

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