Remote monitor from iPad
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Is there a way to display a secondary screen from an IOS app to a remote monitor?  I don't want to simply mirror the IOS screen, but I want to have the IOS app display a screen that contains completely different content than the IOS screen. For example, if an iPad/iPhone screen is displaying a dashboard, could the remote monitor show the detail related to what is currently selected on the iPad/iPhone dashboard?  The remote monitor would probably be located no more than a few feet from the user, and would need to communicate with the iPad/iPhone wirelessly. If it's possible, what kind of hardware would be needed, and how would the IOS app interface with the hardware? Could the programming be done with OutSystems, using either an asset from the Forge or some other method? Thank you!


Maybe have a look at a WebSocket component in the Forge, this way it feasible without special hardware:

WebSocket components in the Forge

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