my name is, Adilson Batista, I'm studying the OutSystems AgilePlatform in order to make sure I can ..

In the course of my studies I came across several problems.
It was give to suggest many questions .. postantdo come thanks to the great questions and OutSystems Team, I have been clarifyingthe doubts and continuing demand for this study.

Anyway, I have been alert to thank the support of this postOutSystems and my fellow students ... and also try to exclarecermore doubts .. ajjajajajja ...

I was wondering how do I increase my project in a field that only accepts characters like number.
for example: a phone number field which is when the User adicinaronkeypress a character type of letter it does not work .. only work ifnumber.

And another doubt is the inclusion of masks in the coin field.
example: I have a currency field type (decimal) and write the value in the field (this number only val) value would automatically beseparated by decimal places ..
example: instead of "999667889", would "999,667,889" no need to enter the User "." points.

I know I could use JavaScript or a Seiler, but wondered if the Agileplatform already has a pre-ready function. or if someone already has this javascript to provide me ..

Adilson Batista.
hi adilson.

1 - if you want to increment a numerict variable (type integer or decimal) you just need to do this

2 - in order to format decimal values you already have some functions try FormatDecimal(...)
this function allow you to format a decimal numver in several ways. if you want to format currency you have the FormatCurrency function. you can use service studio to look more information on those functions.

If you need any help please let us know, we are here to help you.
Carlor Rocha
hi, Carlor Rock.

I do not think you understand my doubt, I'll try to be more specific.

I have a field on my screen called "salary value" in this field and I want only the End User can add value to the numeric type andcourse of action User to add characters into the field he'll add a "."in each decimal place. eg a value added 9998, 9998 would bedone in real time it reckons with the addition of characters. I think itis done in JavaScript ..
I hope you're being more clear ..

merma well, thank you, big hug.

Adilson Batista.
Hi adilson...
I'm sory but I don't understend what you have write. please write in your native language.
otherwise I won't be able to help you.
Carlos Rocha
Hi adilson ....

you look for something like a mask. right?

sorry Carlos Rocha,

I try to be clear this time.

I have a web screen, where there exists a field that will be inserted decimal data type. however, I was wondering how I do that, the moment that the User is entering data type decimal, they organize themselves forming a marked, or rather forming a pattern of type decimal .. encountered by commas .. that everything would be on the screen to see the User what is being inserted into the database.

I want a short field on the screen that only accepts numeric data type!

Adilson Batista
yes, Bruno!
you can help-me?
I'm not quite sure if I understand it, but the idea that I've got is that you get an imput Ex.( 9,1234,9900) and you want to convert it to currency, to update the salary, and you want to be able to receive letters on a numeric field.
As far as I know, a numeric field will only support numbers, but  I'm sure that there will be some way of get arround it, using a type currency on the field or something like that, but instead, you can manipulate it if you use a string string and convert it to the output that you want ( 9,123,499.00).
afaik you need to create some custom javascript to do what you want.

google on "javascript input masks"
examples here
is perfect. i look the site and using the javaScript for creat my mask...
thank you Joost...
sorry all..