...and If you were almost 50 years old and need to return to IT?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am 49 years old, graduated in electronics and business management, but I have been working with computers for a long time, from maintenance, support, networks and even assembly programming and also business management based on ERP systems.

The fact is that I moved to Portugal in 2016 and I also changed my career paths, but now I want to go back to IT and I am a little confused because I have a lot of diverse knowledge and almost no specific knowledge.

I would like to work with Outsystems and agile project management like SCRUM. I'm working on free online training and I'm thinking about doing the necessary certifications.

I would like to hear opinions considering my age and the paths I am thinking of taking.

I apologize if this way is not the most suitable for this.

Best regards,

Thank you.

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Hi Evandro,

speaking from slightly similar career change, I switched to developing with Outsystems last year, at age 50, allthough maybe the step for me was not that big, as I had always been a software developer.

In my opinion, as a senior, diverse knowledge is preferred over specific knowledge.

A lot of value lies in ability to understand business requirements, solve problems, be creative, work in a team, see all the details and interdependecies in complex systems, be patient and thourough, etcetera.

As an almost 50 year old, you probably know your own strengths and weaknesses in these type of things and should use that as a measure for how likely a career in IT will succeed.

The specifics, of course you also have to master those at some point, and I think Outsystems is a good choice, for 2 reasons :

There is a well developed training system

- massive amounts of free online courses

-ranging from beginner to advanced

- almost limitless ability to practice in a personal environment

- forum where you can get help or find inspiration for additional problems to try and solve

- certifications that, as far as I can tell, have some (not decisive, though) value when looking for a job

Low code is forgiving to people with non-IT background

When developing with low code tools, it is much more about what than about how.  You tell the platform what you want the software to do, the platform will make sure the necessary performant and secure code is generated. 

This feature will allow you to get some sort of quick start as a beginning developer.  

I do think however, that you will need to be curious about the how to become a good developer.  

For this, I would suggest also studying things like sql, css, javascript in their own right.  I think resources like W3C school or the like, offer good free materials for this.

So, to wrap up, I share my path :

- was a software developer in another outdated low codish tool.

- started online Outsystems courses in spring of 2019 (age 48)

- started actively searching the forum for interesting problems in summer of 2019

- have done some certifications, but am studying to do more

- did a small in-between Outsystems job last summer

- am working full-time with Outsystems since end of last year

I am carefull to take on jobs where I can work with others and learn from them.

The toughest for me was to decide that time of preparation is over, and to actually take the step.  I think because I was assuming that as a senior (if not in maturity, certainly in age 😉 ) I´ m supposed to master things to get the job, or something.  But that was just in my head, I don´ t have any proof of that.

 Best of luck to you, whatever you choose to do,


Great One!

Hi Dorine,

Thank you for your time and your words, I agree with everything.

At this point in my life, just like you did, I want challenges that I can take on and accomplish.

I'm studying a lot, the fact that I'm studying SCRUM too is also because, with the knowledge I have in management, I think that I can combine business with development and maybe be a good project manager.

I've taken some courses in C, JavaScript, I know a little bit of SQL... I'll go ahead!

As an electronics engineer, I'm very interested in the internet of things, I'm looking at Arduino and Raspberry PI.

All these interests and possibilities that get in the way of deciding which way to go...

When I developed a system, it was in Basic, Clipper and even Visual Basic, but that was a long time ago.

Undoubtedly, hearing your story has helped me a lot.

Thank you very much!

Hi Evandro,

Yes, it's what the french call " l'embarras du choix ". 

I recognize the wandering mind, interested in everything and anything.  I too have several Raspberry Pi's and Arduino boards lying around the house, and I play around with python and with RPA.

But in the end of the day, that is all 'hobby' until it becomes something more, and for your career you'll have to make a choice and apply some focus to make it work, I think.


You are right. This post on the forum was in order to understand if this is a path...

I will seek knowledge in OutSystems and Scrum to continue my professional career, but hobbies will always be on the side.

In the next few days I'm moving to Coimbra, Portugal, and then I'll stick with my studies and look for some work, even if it's an internship.

Very Helpful Guidance !

Outsystems is a place for everyone. Nice opinion Dorine!

welcome to the community


Evandro is already a community member since 2020 ;)

Yes, but I had just created the profile and nothing else, I got back to the activity very recently...

Hello Evandro Mucha, take a look at this interview about this age issue:



Hi Raffa, if I try the link you shared I get an error that the content is blocked

Hi Daniel,

Just FYI that I can view the video. 

So may be the content is blocked for some countries.



The whole link is pretty much incorrectly generated:

Just drag-select the whole link-text, drag to new window/tab or copy/paste the link.

Good to hear stories like this at this point in my life. I go ahead!

Thank you so much!

I'm very sorry. I made a mistake when copying the link into the URL field.

Thanks for tweaking, I replied with a new link as well.


Hi Evandro,

As a 49 year old, turning 50 this year, I can only applaud seasoned developers with a bag of experience joining the OutSystems way :). Though OutSystems is often touted as a platform that anyone can use, I find my experience with C and other high code languages invaluable for creating good code. And since it is low code, not no code, there's plenty of actual coding to do to satisfy a developer, yet all the boring boilerplate can largely be skipped, so you can focus on the functionality rather than all the gritty details of CSS and JavaScript.

As for Agile Scrum, it's a good way of working for use with any tooling, and its adoption is large in the IT industry - so you can't go wrong with studying it.

I hope you can make a choice that will make you happy for the remaining 15(?) years of professional life, but if it's OutSystems I'm sure it will :).

Great words @Kilian Hekhuis and welcome back @Evandro Mucha 


I switched to OutSystems when I was 50, 5 years later I think it worked out great. So go for it Evandro!

Very Inspiring !

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