PDF_Viewer_Binary Content Block
Application Type

I am trying to display a pdf file store in an entity

I am using PDF_Viewer_Binary to view the pdf content and assign my binary file to a local variable call pdf

But when i run the application it say content block

Can someone help me on the above , thank you in advance

Hi Jehra,

could be a timing/render issue. The regular embed with a base64 file (i think that component is working that way) needs to have its source value before rendering. Try to encapsulate the widget in an If statement and set the condition to "<AggregateOrDataAction>.IsDataFetched"



Hi Jerah,

This issue can be because of the content security policy of your Outsystems Environment.

You can fix it from Service Center or Lifetime as shown below in the screenshots.

I hope it will fix your issue.

Thanks & Regards

Nitish Kumar

The Content Security Policy is enabled but still cannot show

Please try to disable it and then try to use it



Two Methods-

1.  set local Variable Data Type Binary And Assign Aggregate Binary Attribute With Local variable And then Set Variable.

2.You directly Assign Aggregate Binary Attribute On that block.  Which is Given In the Image 


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