Autocomplete Intelliwarp doesn't work

Autocomplete Intelliwarp doesn't work

I've been trying to drag an Input_Autocomplete widget on top of an existing combo box, but the Intelliwarp icon doesn't show, and a regular autocomplete control is just added left of my combo box.
The combo box is not linked to an edit record widget, but it does sit inside it. It is filled with "GetUsers.List", which is a simple query in the preparation action. The combo box itself works as intended. Except that I cannot seem to "convert" it to an autocomplete control.
Are there any special requirements I need to keep in mind for Intelliwarp to work in this situation?

Hi Tim,
You can check the Service Studio Help to get more details on that.
but there are some requesits in 6.0 in order to make inteliWarp work.

Regarding to this spific problem (Autocompletes) :
Service studio help says:" What's Required For IntelliWarpTM to Work?

For the Autocomplete IntelliWarpTM to work, the following is required:

    • The element has to be a Combo Box widget;

    • The eSpace must be an Application eSpace or Application Module eSpace. See how to Create an eSpace.

What's Created for You?

IntelliWarpTM replaces the Combo Box widget by an Input widget with a drop down list showing the possible values."

you can also see some images..
How to get this help:
    - Open the service studio help

    - Check the Creating autocomplete document

Carlos Rocha

Thank you for your reply, Carlos.
I did check the help, but the online one is different from the one in Service Studio, apparently.
Anyway... the help states:


There are two ways of replacing a Combo Box widget by an Auto-complete widget:

  1. Right-clicking on the Combo Box widget and selecting a menu option; Right-click on the Combo Box widget to open the pop-up menu and choose Convert to Auto Complete.
 --> there is no such option in the menu that pops up on my combo box
  1. Dragging and dropping the Auto-complete widget to the right of the Combo Box widget.

--> this doesn't work either

To generate Auto-completes with IntelliWarpTM, the following is required:

The Combo Box widget must be in a Web Screen created with IntelliWarp.
--> those 2 requirements are met.

The only thing I can think of, is that the Combo Box itself must also have been created by IntelliWarp, else it is impossible to convert it to an autocomplete. Can anyone confirm that?


Update: added a sample OML

Confirmed by Outsystems Support.
You cannot use Intelliwarp with an autocomplete on a Combo Box that was not created with Intelliwarp.... for now.