Dynamic Web Screen for Input

Dynamic Web Screen for Input


I need to create a dynamic screen for a performance appraisal.
The Manager of the Organization Unit atributes a certain Evaluation Criteria to the employee.
When the employee logs in, I want him to fill the performance appraisal, but I have more than one type: Text, Integer and Binary.
Basicly, I want him to get a text input box for text, and integer input box for a Value ( 1 to 10) and a upload field for relevant files.

Or should I build a web screen and hide the ones that he is not supose to fill ?
Hi Francisco,

If I understood you correctly, you'll definitely need to use the IF widget and optionally show/hide one or more inputs depending on how the manager decided this particular user (in Session.UserId) should fill in the appraisal.

If you have conceptual screen areas that can be clumped and hidden in one go, just have a single IF around those sections.


Thanks Miguel.

I'm working on a diferent way to look for a solution that goes by like this:

I have an entity that stores the UserId, Criteria of use in the appraisal, and a text field, integer one and the FileId.
I will get an IF to check wich of them is not null, and show that one, instead of trying to create everything dinamicly, but yes, it's on the same track of your tip.
I will keep up working, if I struggle I will ask for more help.

Thanks !