are double text widgets inside a label widget possible?

So, in service studio, we discovered this weird behaviour which seems to be a bug.
But I'm asking the question here first to make sure it's not just me who is misunderstanding :-)

We put 2 texts inside a label, and, whatever we try, the second label will not show in the application in the browser, while it does show in the service studio preview.

As a test, because I did not understand, I added a second 'Text' outside of the label, which can be seen underneath the ProductsSearch block, and that one gets shown without a problem.

What's up with that? Are multiple text widgets inside a label widget just not possible? Or is this a bug I should report?

Hi Gwen,

I can't duplicate your problem, in my test, both label texts are visible in browser.  Can you repeat the problem in a vanilla oml?  

If not, then there must be something extra going on, like conditional css being applied.  Can you share the properties of both text fields, and show how they look in the dev tools ?


Hi, Gwen Jamroziak 

It is possible  multiple text widgets inside a label widget .

It is not a bug, its work perfectly.

In service studio..........

On browser...............

Hello Gwen,

Just a thought that this has been added intentionally by OS for the different business case. One of may be need to provide or apply different styles or CSS on the different words/text in a single statement or label. However, if you want to clarify more please connect with OS support team.

Thanks & Kind Regards,



Yes it is possible to add multiple text inside label and its work fine.


You can use Product and text as text one after another then use web block.

I this you are doing some other stuff.
Can you check it once and let us know actual scenario.



Looks good

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