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Hi all,

Happy Wednesday. I'm reaching out as we're rethinking our community Job Board, its purpose and usefulness for the wider community.

Specifically, I'm interested in learning more about how you usually use it (or not), and what would make it more useful or relevant for you - whether you are actively looking for an OutSystems job, hiring others for your teams, or not doing any of those at the moment. 

---> If you have a few moments, please fill out this form. <---

Thank you in advance for your time, and looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Hi Paulo,

maybe try to pin this post to the top of the forum for a few days, or it will probably get overlooked

also, I can't reach the form without first logging in to a google account, maybe remove that to not create extra hurdles for people to give you the info.

Kind Regards,


Hi Dorine,

Thank you so much for the feedback on both topics - I wasn't aware that it was requiring users to sign in to their Google Account, that wasn't deliberate. I hope I have removed that now - thanks for the heads up.

In regards to pinning it, I just did so - good call!

Have a great week :)


it works now without logging in to Google.


Hi Paulo,

Having the pay range as filter. Even a simple has/hasn't would be great!

Best regards,


Thanks for sharing! Completed the form.

Thank you Arnold, João, Dorine and everyone else who answered the form so far but hasn't posted here. 

This is great feedback - keep it coming :)

Thanks for sharing!  


Thanks for Sharing :))

Survey Done

Incredible. Thanks for the information.

Thank you all for the feedback so far - we are at over 20 answers and counting. I'll share a summary here of what you all answered, for the sake of transparency, but so far some of the common themes suggest an interest in notifications and salary ranges (and filters), when the job postings have that information.

Keep the feedback coming - we promise to read it all and take it into account when rethinking the Job board. :)

Have a great week!

Nice Sharing Thank you...

Thanks for Sharing :))


Thanks for sharing the information!



Great thing! Thanks 

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