Excel to record List - Limit of rows in 5.0

Excel to record List - Limit of rows in 5.0

Hi all,

I want to upload a .xls file with about 54000 rows and the platform version 5.0 appears to have a limitation in the number of rows.
For now I splitted the original file in files with 10000 rows each, but is there any other way (more easy) to solve this issue?

I tried to upload the full file in the version 6.0 and it works fine, there is no limitations.


Filipe Godinho
Hi Filipe,

That is strange: versions up to 5.1 (inclusive) did have a 65k row limit (see http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=Export-to-Excel-XSLX-files) which does not exist from 6.0 onwards, but you shouldn't be hitting it with 54000 rows.

I suggest you contact OutSystems support with your excel file so we can look at what may be causing the problem.