Integration with .net assembly

Hi! If it is possible i would need some help from you. I was trying to use integrate .net assembly to my application and i've made the following steps:
Created an extension
Imported the .dll
Add references on my eSpace to the extension
Use an action of the extension to populate a control
When i run the application there's an error and the message is "There was an error that was logged. Contact your service center administrator.". Then i went to service centre monitoring tab, error log, and there is no error log at this time. Where is the error logged? The invocation method would return only a string and it has only one input parameter, an object. Could this be an import error?
Diogo Pacheco
Hi Diogo,

First of all welcome to the community - hope you enjoy your time around here!

It seems to me you did everything correctly - the error should have been logged in the Error Log. Did you get any warnings or anything during publish? When you go to the Extension Logs do you see a log for the invocation?

Also, maybe you could have a look in the windows Event Viewer to see if there's anything there around that time.

Let me know if you find anything,