Fast Flat-Table cloud database exposed by API's
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Hi Guys and Gals,

It's been some time since I last posted something on the Forum and I'm looking to find a VERY, VERY speedy Cloud Database solution with which OutSystems is able to interact well, preferably through RestAPI's.

We need this database to be able to do great filtering on at least 100 million records in a flat transaction table.
This table should be filled and altered using an event system (Kafka or something else).
We would like to add our masterdata to the same database for better joining.
The database must have the ability to return aggregated information (sums, calculations)

Google Bigquery has had our interest lately and it seems to be one of the Cloud "data management systems" that seem to be suitable for our means but we have never created or exposed API's on top of that and I am considering this as a possible solution.

We would really appreciate any positive experiences with Cloud providers and databases that shine with flat tables or quick integration with OutSystems and having amazing performance.

Looking forward to your responses!



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