Autocomplete & Feedback message

Autocomplete & Feedback message

Hi guys,

I've got some questions, they are probably easy solving, but when you don't see, you don't know.

First: (already posted on a old post related, but here ir goes again)
Auto complete.
When i select a value from the list, the list closes, and pops up again. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ?

I've got a pop up editor to send and email, everythings works perfectly fine.
But, i want a feedback message. I've tried before and after closing the popup. 
The closest solution that I had, was the one that the message was after closing the pop up, but i still needed to make an interaction (click any button, or change to another webscreen).

Thanks in advance !
Hi Francisco, how are you?

Regarding the second problem, I tried to reproduce your problem, but the only thing I found is that the feedback message will not appear if you place it after the pop_up_close action.

Maybe you could send your eSpace so that I can try to understand the problem? Or make a small demo of that problem.

Kind Regards.

ps. I hope you enjoyed the developers bootcamp.

Hi João,

Im good ! And you ? Everything is going well ?

Well, I got the second problem solved already, I just don't know if is the correct way.
My popup editor, is to send an email. Just to make it prety for the demo, a popup shows up with some fields to fill and a Send button.
The process on the send button is simple, send the email and close the popup. Briliant.
Then, i wanted to add a popup message, and I've tried before and after the popup close, but the nearest I got was AFTER, but i still needed to do some action (go to another screen, for example) to make the popup message appear.

I solved it. After I closed it, I call a popup_editor_notify and then a Notify_widget_get_message, and only after this it's the END of the SEND EMAIL button.
On the On Notify of the widget popup_editor I had an action with nothing inside, because I didn't needed it. So I added the feedback message there, and now it works.
I Just don't know if this is the best way to achieve a simple popup message.
I hope I got myself clear.

Ps reply: Loved it. :)
Here goes a small video with the behaviour of the autocomplete that I would like to avoid.
When you select one, it pops up again. If you select the same it closes for good, else, opens again.