Displaying data from user's input

Displaying data from user's input

I don't believe I have to turn to the community for something so simple, but here goes.  All I want to do is drop an input widget and button widget on a web screen.  The user enters a "name" and presses ok.  I created a query to return a simple record using the user's input as a filter in the button action.  I wanted to return the results of the query and display the results in the "Show" widget or the "Table Records" widget, but I guess that is not allowed.  Why does this not work?   What is the correct way of doing this in Outsystems?

I'm not even close to a master on Outsystems, but let me try to explain what I understood:

User makes an input for a name.
You use the name to do a query, and return the a record and to show it, is it ?
In that case, i would say, when he presses ok, you make the query.
Is there a return ?
No, stays on the same, and get a feedback msg saying, didn't found.
Yes - You have another screen with the input of what you got from the query, and display it on expressions, I think there is no need of a table record on a single record.
Hope it helps.
Oh....so I have to display my output in the "expressions" widget.  I will input something that I know will return a record and see if the "expressions" widget will display it.
Yes. You can either say to the "expression" that his value comes from the output of the query ( the output of the query is a COPY of the record, not the actual record, so anything you do with it, will have no impact on database).
I would recommend for a "begginer" like us, i would say for you to create another webscreen (Ex. Record_Show) with Input Parameters.
Just make the query, make sure you got a record on it, and if you got, just jump to the webscreen Record_Show and he will ask for the input parameters, and you give him what you want to display from the query.

Hope it helped.
Hey Francisco, my fullname is Francesco.  Ha, ha.  Anyway, your help was invaluable.  I figured it out with your helpful comments.  Since an expression only displays one variable at a time.....what I did was I dragged the "Show Record" widget on to my web screen.  Then I dropped several expressions into that "Show Record" widget.  When my user enters a name and presses the ok button, the user's input filters the query and I store the record into a session variable.  In each of my expressions, I display a field of that record stored in my session variable.  I did this all on one web screen.  I knew this could do this in Outsystems.

Hey Francesco ! 

Im glad you have done it.
By the way, you can avoid using session variables using a local variable.
In this case, it makes no diference, but on a more complex app, using session variables is the same as Global Variables ( I hope I'm right ), so it consumes memory space. If you are just gonna use one screen, local variables makes all the sense.
On the "Show Record", you can also go to the Entity, and drag and drop the field, it will be created automaticly, and you just have to assign the variable to the field.
You got loads of nice things that you can do with intelliwarp, I'm just beginning on the platform as well, and it looks wonderfull.

Welcome !
Thank you.  I just realized that I should have used local variable instead of session variable.  My bad.  But I did like the interwarp comment.  I will check it out.