Using Design SMS Flow

Using Design SMS Flow

Hello people!
It's my first request in this comumunity...

I need help to use SMS Dialog, mainly the properties about SMS GateWay...
Where can i find a free gatway to make test? Exist? It's Possible.
I need your Help...

Best Regards
Arito Melo
Hello Arito

And welcome the Agile Network!

The Agile Platform is designed to support the Kannel 1.4.3 SMS Gateway out of the box. This is a open source Linux based SMS gateway that needs to be installed on a Linux machine, and configured to use either a direct SMSC connection (usually through TCP/IP), or a GSM Modem.

Hints on how to install the Kannel gateway, and links to the Kannel installation procedures can be found at the Platform Server 6.0 install Checklist document, when choosing to setup a Kannel 1.4.3 on the role listbox.

Configuring the SMS Gateway on the Agile Platform side is very simply, and can be done on the OutSystems Configuration Tool, under the Gateways tab.

After that, your applications can send and receive SMS through your SMS Flows.

Good SMS developments.


Miguel Simões João
Thx Miguel... I will try this solution...

Best regards

If you do not want to use the built in SMS flow that comes with the Agile Platform, an simplier solution would be to use Clickatell SMS Gateway

You can find the clickatell web service connector via: