The best laid schemes OutShare an' men, Gang aft agley

The best laid schemes OutShare an' men, Gang aft agley

Hi everyone,

There has been some confusion about some of the OutShare scores lately, and not without good reason I must admit. Some people may have noticed some scores having gone way up late last month and some of you may even have seen your own score dip in the last couple of days and have wondered what is up with that.

The fact of the matter is even we at OutSystems make mistakes (no, seriously!) and a couple of bugs on our side have conspired to make following the evolution of this leaderboard by those interested an Herculean task.  Over here we decided that, instead of just ignoring the matter and answering any individual questions on a case by case basis, in the interest of clarity I’d just explain the whole not-so-sordid matter in one place.

There are actually three clarifications needed to get to the bottom of it:

The Laws of Physics
Scotty used to say to Captain Kirk “Ye cannae change laws of physics, Jim”. Maybe they couldn’t back in the Enterprise but over here we did: our first quarter was actually 4 months long, running from OutShare’s launch in June to September 30. The reason for this was just to keep us from having a 1 month quarter or having our quarters 1 month out of whack with the calendar. So we took a small liberty there, it was a one-off, and I can assure you from now on we’re back to good old earth 3-month quarters.

The Dark Ages
Then came a period of great darkness during which no clicks seemed to impact on people’s score. It turns out that a particular lookup column that was being used to push user activity into the referrer score changed format and, during those couple of weeks, no credit was being assigned as it was happening. This is why you may have noticed quite a big spike last on September 23: after finding the bug, luckily we still had the access logs that allowed us to push all the missing credits into the referrers accounts on that date. This problem has therefore been solved and we have well and truly moved on to the Renaissance.

The Quantum Leap
So it came to be, on October the 1st, that the second quarter was upon us. And as luck would have it, we did not have anyone updating our OutShare application at exactly 00:00 on that day to remove the temporary “one extra month” hack (see Laws of Physics above). This meant that until this morning, the score being displayed for the current (i.e. second) quarter was actually starting in September the 1st. We didn’t think this would be such a big problem since it was a weekend and all, but we obviously have very attentive community members – which is great! :) Anyway, this has been fixed (as mentioned above) so we shouldn’t see any more such problems on upcoming quarter leaps.

So there you have it. That’s the lowdown on the matter and a true mea culpa from us here at OutSystems. No creative accounting on our part or anything: just a couple of good old software bugs that, luckily, were totally reversible with no loss of data.

Thank you for your patience on the matter and feel free to comment below or contact me if you have any mild insults that you many not want to post here. :)

Take care,


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