How to force user to change password

In version 6 how to force user to change password ?
Note: Not integrated with Active Directory.

Thanks for any help
Maybe a timer that checks the date of the last password change can be the start for what you need.
Sorry, I did not explained correctly.

How to force user to change password AT NEXT LOGON?
Hi Orlando

You can create a entity to extend the user and setup a flag like NewPassNeeded and you set it as true when you want to force a user to change the password.
and in the preparation of the screen you check this flag and if its true you redirect the user to a screen that loows the user to change the password and ask him to change it..
and when it does change the pass you set the flag as false allowing the user to navigate normaly across the application.
Notice that by doing this  you are not allowing the user to do anything until the password change

Carlos Rocha
Thanks Carlos.

I will use your sugestion.

As a matter of fact I was looking for something like "Change Password on next Login?"  that was in the old Enterprise Manager.
Hi Carlos Rocha,

I want to implement this code you explained above, however, I'm not succeeding. Can you be more graphic  regarding that implementation. If someone else in the community has an answer I would appreciate a reply.

Hi Nivaldo,

so let me try to assist you creating a step by step guide,
  1. Open a module, new or existing depending on where do you want those chnages implemented.
  2. Create a new entity (to extend the users) and set its identifiar as UserId type and create a boolean attribute for the flag.
  3. Create the management for this boolean either a screen where you list the users and a checkbox or a timer that will fill this flag for the users based on a set of conditions or both.
  4. Create a action to check if for a given user id the flag is true or false.
  5. In your login page's login action after calling the login action from the users espace call the action you just created and if needed redirect the user to the new password screen.
I hoppe this helps as rigth now I can't afford building a sample.

Best regards
Hi Carlos,

I do not know how to do the action (or timer) that allows the change of the boolean from true to false with the storage of this information for future logins.

I recreated the Weblock that allows changing the password (from eSpace "Users"). And then from the save button of this Weblock  (On the sreen action SaveChanges) i intend to introduce an action that once the user changes the password , the flag goes from 1 to 0 ... not forcing the user to change the password again.

By the way, i'm having the following error ([OSDEV1].DBO.[OSUSR_ATZ_CHANGEPASSWORD] with key 0 was not updated)


Here is the Action i created (Teste), and that is beig used inside SaveChanges

Thanks :)