Outsystems Agile Platform suited for...

Outsystems Agile Platform suited for...


We want to create a scriptbuilder for in- and outbound dialing (a script is a couple of html pages that leads callcenter agents through the customer contact). This scriptbuilder must have the ability for users to create pages, page-elements, conditions and validation rules (for example: a page with some text, a couple of radiobuttons, a  couple of input fields, and a button to go to a nother page depending on the radiobutton choice). After they have edited the 'script' (all the pages, elements and dependencies are there, meaning the information is stored in a database) a scriptgenerator must generate the html files and javascripts from the outputfile.

Question is if AP is the suited platform for developing such a scriptbuilder and scriptgenerator, or is this a kind of solution that has to be tailor made in e.g. Visual Studio?

Hoping that you will share your opinions, regards, Harry  
The Agile Platform is realy suitable for this solution!

You could create a maintenance section that the maintenance script, this would have some entities the Subject of the script, the pages with HTML content, the answers and the rules that specify the next page to continues with. The maintenance of the HTML content can be done with the CKeditor from the community.

Is it a requirement to export the script to a html-pages? You could also make another entry point in the application for the agents, here you can lookup the subject and start the script. This script displays de pages with HTML content field and the answers. When a answer is choosen the next page is displayed (defined in the rules, this is actualy the same page with parameters pointing to the content record). So there's no scriptgenerator, you don't have to export it to HTML export it runs from the application. 

Of course it is also possible to build up the html-files, with the FileSystem extension, but i think this would take more effort. 

Hopefully this helps you.

Kind regards,

Matthias Preuter
Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your response.

Regards, Harry