Session Variables Naming

Session Variables Naming


I have two eSpaces that are shared in a global application through single sign on.
I want to create a set of session variables on each one, without actually sharing the variables through eSpaces.
If I name them the same in each eSpace, are they going to overwrite themselves?

eSpace A has session variable X
eSpace B has session variable X
eSpace A sets session variable X to 1
eSpace B sets session variable X to 2

Are there two X session variables in the session, one for each eSpace, or are they sharing session variable X, which is now set to 2?
I'm using Outsystems version 4.2.

Ana Santana
Hi Ana,

No, they are completely different variables in both eSpaces even if they have the same name. Since you can only "see" this eSpace's session variables inside itself (be it in a referenced action, or a referenced block) you always assign/read that eSpace's variable.

Hope this helps,

Hi Miguel,

Yes, it helps, that was what I was thinking, but wanted to make sure I was thinking right. :-)

Thank you!