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This came across when I was doing some research on New OutSystems UI Widgets, So here we have a New Calendar Date Picker, The issue while using it, It is not showing the data in the input field when I am fetching data on a detail page, I have tried OnAfterFetch , JavaScript, and a lot of things. But not able to get the desired results.

So then I inspect it and observed that in that date picker block two "input field" are getting created. The one that is fetching data from Aggregate or variable, Another one which is getting value when we pick a date from Calendar,
and when I see that I tried to look into it and observed that the actual Input_Widget which is bind to Aggregate is type ="hidden",  and another input which is just below it, was showing , and it was blank, so I tried removing the hidden property and found that, data is fetching and we are getting it into our Input_Widget but it is hidden.

If anyone else have this issue or know how to fix this, do reply. I am also attaching the code snapshot


Hi Tousif Khan,

you say : ( It is not showing the data in the input field when I am fetching data on a detail page )

I think its work fine

If possible please share your oml .


I'm already replied same question on forum

please visit this link also shared oml :


Kundan Chauhan



But this is not what I am looking for - 
I have the updated version of OutSystems UI,

I have different Date picker Widget, please update your OS UI to latest version.

Definitely, I will recheck all things again .

Hi @Tousif Khan ,
Facing same issue. The date gets blank/doesn't display on the widget but it is present in the DOM. Did you get any solution of the same?

Hi @Tousif Khan  - In my case , it's happening only when if there is a mindate property set and record is older than the mindate property. Let me know if you get any solution.

Hi I have got the solution for this I'll share you a link have a look at it

It still not working for me. As I said earlier, I want to keep the min date property of the date picker as MinDate =AddMonths(CurrDateTime(),-5). When the current record date is older than Mindate , date picker is showing blank.
If I keep the mindate as blank and keep the initial date as the date variable then it is working . But i can't remove the min date. Is there any way by which I can have the mindate and can see the date on the picker?

Also, I'm attaching the my oml . Please have a look and see if you have any solution for the same.


Hii, @Tousif Khan  

You can try below OML for your issue.


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