Map SAML 2.0 users to Outsystems Roles
Application Type
Traditional Web

I am implementing a traditional website and am using SAML 2.0 (google single sign on).

When I enter the website, it is correctly redirected to google sign in page. But after I successfully login, it is redirected to Outsystem Service Center login page.

So how to fix the issue?

Also, another question is how to map the SAML users to Outsystems roles?

Hi Terence,

Are you using IDP module for your saml config? 

If yes, For the redirect to your application upon login, did you fill in the original url when calling getUnifiedLoginURL? You can refer to this documentation for more details. Link

If using IDP Module, Outsystems IDP do not have any features to map roles for now. It only option to map to group.



Thanks for your comments.

My issue has been resolved.

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