max items in Combo box?

Hi everybody,

Does somebody know how many items a combobox can handle? I have 700 articles which i select from a SQL query.

Thank you in advance

DON'T do that !!!!! Don't even think about it. :)


Before you continue that question please read this presentation on UIs 

The right answers in on page 14. "For a Finitive and large domain, use autocomplete".

/agree with Ricardo...the load time of that combo box by itself it's a big no no, not to speak that it's completly unreadable/unusable in the user's point of view...

Needle in a hay stack comes to mind...

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Hi Frits,

If you have any way of "grouping" these 700 in smaller groups you could use a Cascading Dropdown.
This helps you if you have two or more items with the exact same name but that belong to a different "groups", which with autocomplete might be difficult to distinguish.

Hermínio Mira
I successfull added the autocomplete box.

in my case i didnt need grouping but thanks anyway.