Get the Google Login & Apple Sign in Server IP

Hi all,

I am currently developing Google Login and Apple Sign-in functions with an environment that blocks all outside connections.

We will need to find out the Specific IP that will be going through while using Google Login and Apple Sign in. Is there any outsystem function or forge component which can help me to log the IP during this process?

Thanks a lot.


You have the GetIP action from the HTTPRequestHandler API.

I hope this can help


Sorry, but this only gives me the user machine IP but not the IP from Google and Apple.


Hi @Dixon Sin,

Those are Google and Apple services, they are solely responsible for providing it to you, and they do in their own documentation, you'll just need to check there for what IPs are used (a quick search found this for Sign In with Apple, I'm sure the same information will be available for Google Identity Services - I found this for overall Google Services).

Application logic on any components that implement those integrations in OutSystems will most likely rely on domain names, not IPs.

Hope this helps!

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