Restore database in LifeTime

I have doubts about Restore link in LifeTime

- What happens when I click the restore link?

- In case we need a way to restore the database using the restore link?



Hi @chalearmporn Doungsonk,

Those restore links are temporary database restore points, meaning a point in time to where you can request a backup restore of your database. I believe that option is only available in Enterprise Cloud Production environments. 

Clicking the Restore link will obviously not automatically restore the database to the chosen point in time, but instead it will open a support case where you can request access to a temporary OutSystems Cloud database. OutSystems will always ask for confirmation of the exact date and time before moving forward with rolling back your database.

Furthermore, there is a 15 day retention period, so you could potentially restore to any point in time within those 15 days (not only the times listed in Lifetime).

Hope this helps!



@Nordin Ahdi  Thank you very much.

@Nordin Ahdi  I have more question.

In case of customer want to restore the database in the specific date/time to OutSystems environment instead of temporary, can we request to the ticket ?


@chalearmporn Doungsonk I believe you misunderstood. OutSystems grants you access to a temporary database which is a copy of your actual running database on your chosen date and time.

This gives you the opportunity to perform some tests, extract a data subset or help you decide if the chosen date and time is the actual point you want OutSystems to rollback your database to.



Do we have this feature for On Premise setup?

You would do that through your own database backups and restore for on premise systems


Hi Ferry,

Like I mentioned in my first post, that feature only exists for Enterprise Cloud. For on-premise it would not make sense to have this since your own system administrators by default have access to the database where they can backup and restore whatever they want.



Hi @Nordin Ahdi ,

Okie Thanks. 

I was thinking it will be good if Outsystems do have features to setup the backup, monitor the backup and have the 1 click restore feature(with approval). This will help us in maintaining on premise infra.

We just need additional setup in configuring during server installation But It will become one stop solution.

Maybe can make it as ideas for future.



I don't think there is a "one click restore" at all. For the cloud version it most likely just creates a service ticket, from there a DBA will go and manually restore the database. Same applies to setting it up, a DBA or support person will configure the jobs inside the AWS RDS systems for backups. Doing backups in an on premise system comes down to your own infrastructure such as are you backing up to tape, ofsite storage, network storage, a SAN etc.

This is all the stuff that has to be done on any self hosted infrastructure and why people use the hosted version so that Outsystems does it all behind the scenes.

Agree on your point.

However, I still hope the possibility of this to happen. Currently we are not able to back up app version and runtime data as a package. During restore, we can only restore the specific DB catalog (if we happen to configure one for each Application) with runtime data. But if there are possibility of diff app version with DB column changes, this makes it complicated to restore. We have to do analysis on the restore point and analysis on how to restore it. Sometimes, there are possibility to do even in depth analysis to find the best restore.

Imagine if OS have the features to allow Admin to back up as a packages of data and application settings, possible of one click restore along this line. It will be a great help.

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