how to hold dropdown tag selected value
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i have one dropdown and another dropdown tag field.when i am choosing first dropdown then based on dropdown1 value dropdown tags are auto populated.but after selecting value in dropdown tag if i change the dropdown 1 value and if i selected new value from dropdown tag then it should come with existing value and new value.but it is not coming.every time it is removing the value from dropdown tag.i am attaching oml file.


I think, you should create a local list to hold the value of dropdown tags. So when user first time select values first time add items in this local list. Then it will be clear and choose second time. Once selected you need to add second time values in this local list and so on.


Did u get a chance to check my oml.i have done same thing.but somehow it is not working.


Hi Arkyadeep,

Note that the selected options i.e. selected records, must be present in the DropdownTags OptionsList


  • Store the selected dropdownTags options in a local list variable
  • On Dropdown1 OnChange action flow append all the current selected options to the latest DropdownTags OptionsList (obtained as the Action1 Server action output).

See this sample app: DropdownTask

Refer to the attached oml file (DropdownTask_New Screen)

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


problem is resolved already i followed same way which u mentioned previously i was storing the value in different list.

thanks for answering.

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