use Two reusable component with def version of jquery error appear

i use Form Validation Forge and Ztree in the same page that causes an error cant read script of js that form validation using it 

Link of Form Validation component

Ztree Component Link

Error appear in OML in ZTree_error Screen  


Hello Abduerman,

If you have two components with different Jquery versions they will be incompatible. You have to use the Jquery noConflict or make sure that both components use the same version.

To load the noConflict one of the libraries will have to use a different Symbol than "$".

I'm attaching a clone of the Ztree where I have added the "noConflict" in the Jquery Javascript. Defined for it "$x" and then applied the "$x" to all "$" in the module to determine that Ztree is using this version of Jquery.

Regarding this clone beware that I have might change some client actions to do specific things.


Miguel Amado


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