Auto Email Triggered in every 2weeks using timer.
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  I want to send email in every 2 weeks by using timer. How can I do?


We have a thread where it is explained Oml is also available there follow the link below to check

I hope this helps


Thanks for your reply. I already created timer successfully but I trouble with setting time to every 2weeks.

You can make changes and set the time dynamically, you can make changes to it to execute your timer at desired timings

Check here -

If it works, or  I'll crate Oml

My timer function is works when I set schedule to daily. But I want to trigger in every 2weeks.If there any logic to trigger that.

Hi ,

I came up with a logic, but we have to use site property for this 

and it will work if you want to skip your mail after it gets triggered, your timer will run weekly but mail will be trigger only if it satisfy the condition, I have used Site property you can use a Entity as well to store a variable.

What I have done -

1) Create a Site property with default value =2,

2)Create a timer and configure it to send email weekly .

3)The Select a server action which will run to execute your mail.

4) In that server action use if widget and check this condition( Your_Site_Property = 1)

5) So here as we have taken the default value of site property = 2,

So the flow will move to false branch, and on the false node I'll trigger a mail and change the site property value to =1 in assign.

6) So the next time on the same day when my timer will run, it will execute the same flow this time

I have the value of my Site Property = 2, so the condition will move to True Branch and on that True I use a Assign to change the Value of site property back to 1, and the End the flow.

Same process will execute every time a timers run,

Note(this will run only for the specific condition)

I came up with this in a short time, we can try other things as well.


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